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5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Attract an Abundant Social Life.

Sammie spends her day-to-day making sure that every person hears and believes the words: "you were made for more.

Navigating difficult relationships

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A Peek into Marriage from the Beginning

Full Bio. Abundant Life is a web-based series comprised of 4 modules and 12 teachings, which you can pick and choose based on need or interest. Skip to content.

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Each night, Pastor will speak on a new subtopic that teaches us how to successfully live abundantly. Yet, what does living abundantly really mean? When people think of living abundant, each person might define it differently.

Creating Abundant Relationships ~ A Guided Visualization

We may believe it entails great family time, being financially secure, accomplishing a successful career, and so on. Although these things are a blessing to our lives, these factors alone do not equate to abundant life. Being able to live an abundant life is a gift and the fruit of having a right relationship with God.

5-26-19 Relationships

And I knew I had to stop. I knew I needed to focus on our similarities. Nothing good comes out of focusing on our differences, dear ones.

  1. Navigating difficult relationships.
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However, there is a fine line between relationships that are difficult and relationships which are toxic. Do you need help to deal with difficult relationships and lots of tips and tools to keep yourself balanced in your day to day life?

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