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Human genetic banking: altruism, benefit and consent Williams, G. Hashmi and Whitaker: an unjustifiable and misguided distinction? Sheldon, S. Should selecting saviour siblings be banned? Dilemmas and decisions at the end of life De Raeve, L. Milton Keynes : Open University. Human genetic banking and the limits of informed consent. Bodies for sale: ethics and exploitation in the human body trade Wilkinson, S. Does bioethics need moral theory? Rodopi p.

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The exploitation argument against commercial surrogacy Wilkinson, S. Beyond futility:: to what extent is the concept of futility useful in clinical decision-making about CPR? Kite, S. Futility Wilkinson, S.

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Rationing health care: individuals and the broader public Wilkinson, S. Termination of pregnancy for reason of foetal disability: are there grounds for a special exception in law? What is humanism? Commodification arguments for the legal prohibition of organ sale Wilkinson, S. Why lying is worse than merely misleading Wilkinson, S. Ethical issues in managing cancer pain Russon, L. Oxford : Oxford University Press p. Palliative care and the doctrine of double effect Wilkinson, S. London : Sage p.

The concept of mental injury Wilkinson, S. Female genital mutilation and cosmetic surgery: regulating non-therapeutic body modification Sheldon, S.


Conjoined twins: the legality and ethics of sacrifice Sheldon, S. Ethics in social care: moral dilemmas Garrard, E. Bodily integrity and the sale of human organs Wilkinson, S. Restitution without punishment: is it enough to make criminals pay? Aldershot : Avebury p. From whom and how do health professionals obtain consent when the patient and their parents are under the age of 18? Browse PPR.

Ethical Problems and Genetics Practice

Centre for Bioethics and Medical Law. Introduction People Publications Projects The Centre facilitates and encourages academics within the University with an interest in medical law and bioethics to connect and engage in high quality interdisciplinary research. Academics affiliated to the Centre are currently engaged, solely or in collaboration, on projects exploring End-of-life issues Children, family and medicine Law and global health More broadly, the following themes are present within our work: Beginning of life issues including reproductive bio technologies and genetic screening End-of-life issues Informed consent, confidentiality and truth-telling Children, family and medicine The regulation of biotechnologies such as xenotransplantation.

Genetics, crime and responsibility The criminal laws regulation of bioethical controversies Visit Bioethics and Medical Law website. Staff list search Search. Dr Neil Manson Senior Lecturer. Faye Tucker PhD student. Dr Thomas Webb Lecturer. Professor Stephen Wilkinson Professor. Dr Garrath Williams Senior Lecturer. Chapter Solidarity and patient migration in the context of fundamental rights Rieder, C. Book Journal article Rethinking gamete donor care: a satisfaction survey of egg and sperm donors in the UK Williams, R.

Journal article Online interviewing with interpreters in humanitarian contexts Chiumento, A. Journal article On harm thresholds and living organ donation: must the living donor benefit, on balance, from his donation? Journal article Misleading by omission: rethinking the obligation to inform research subjects about funding sources Manson, N. Journal article The transfer and delegation of responsibilities for genetic offspring in gamete provision Brandt, R. Journal article When is a choice not a choice? Journal article Harms to 'others' and the selection against disability view Williams, N.

Journal article Interprofessional spanning and maintaining boundaries when supporting potential embryo donors to stem cell research Machin, L. Journal article Consent and confidentiality in the light of recent demands for data sharing Williams, G.

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Journal article How not to think about the ethics of deceiving into sex Manson, N. Editorial Journal article Permissive consent: a robust reason-changing account Manson, N. Journal article Developing autonomy and transitional paternalism Tucker, F. Journal article Sperm, clinics, and parenthood Brandt, R. Journal article Should uterus transplants be publicly funded?

Journal article The social life of the dead: the role of post-mortem examinations in medical student socialisation Goodwin, D. Journal article Should deceased donation be morally preferred in uterine transplantation trials? Journal article Understanding human rights obligations of states engaged in public activity overseas: the case of transnational education O Cuinn, G.

Journal article Exploitation in international paid surrogacy arrangements Wilkinson, S. Journal article How we tackled the problem of assessing humanities, social and behavioural sciences in medical education Goodwin, D. Journal article The application and interpretation of the EU Charter in the context of cross-border movement of patients Rieder, C.

Featured article Doctoral Thesis An inquiry into the emergence of health care law in England and Wales as a distinct body of law: what lessons can be drawn from this in relation to Ghana? Journal article Do we need an alternative 'relational approach' to saviour siblings? Journal article Mitochondrial replacement: ethics and identity Wrigley, A. Journal article Could the organ shortage ever be met? Journal article In good conscience: conscience-based exemptions and proper medical treatment Fovargue, S.

Journal article Transitional paternalism: how shared normative powers give rise to the asymmetry of adolescent consent and refusal Manson, N. Journal article Prenatal screening, reproductive choice, and public health Wilkinson, S. Chapter peer-reviewed Transforming wrong into right: what is "proper medical treatment"? Chapter peer-reviewed Book The legitimacy of medical treatment: what role for the medical exception?

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Editorial Journal article What is the harm in harmful conception? Journal article Early childhood electronic media use as a predictor of poorer well-being?

Journal article Book The right to know and the right not to know: genetic privacy and responsibility Chadwick, R. Book Childhood obesity: ethical and policy issues Voigt, K.

Euthanasia - Medical Ethics and Law at the end of life

Chapter Exposing the limits of the law? Chapter Journal article Perceptions of nature, nurture and behaviour Levitt, M.