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Bullock, Rufus B.

Fool's Errand, Signed

Tourgee, drawn on me without authority, and 1 did not pay it until some time after it had gone to protest, when Gen. Littlefield requested me to pay it and charge it to him on this account. I did so. Rosenthal, Swepson's bookkeeper, testified as follows: "These different items were handed to me as bookkeeper from time to time by G.

Swepson, with instructions to charge the same to M. They were in the shape of orders, drafts, or notes of individuals. Cash was paid on these notes or orders. It is probable, however, that it is for money loaned directly by Swepson to Tourget I was told to charge it to Littlefield, I was told by Mr. Swepson that he was io pay Littlefield a certain sum of money for getting these bills passed through the legislature, and these payments were to be charged against that account.

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Swepson instructed me to pay it and charge it to his account, which I did. In presenting this evidence the commission express regret that it was not in their power to procure the testimony of Milton S. Littlefield, the agent in the. So Preparation on earth eqoali ST. And th'. All have responded except James Sinclair and Judge Tourgee, who did not appear. Judge 'lour gee addressed a note to the commission in reference to the sums alleged to have been paid him.

This note was not eviden ce, and there fore does not appoar in connection with the report of the commision. The investigation by the Fraud commission of does not seem to have been very through.

Brown v. Board of Education and the Limits of Law

This is to be regretted. Had the commissioners gone for the bottom facts a little more energetically, and, among other steps, insisted on the presence of Judge A. Tourgee on the wiiness stand, the question as to whether he is a fool or not might have reeieved a satisfactory solution. Saturday Oct.

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  • Midland R Good on on all trains going Saturday Oct. John B. Gough, Mrs Manr A. Livermore and othere will lecture here the coming season under the management of the Libraiy Associat ion. Put the case in the hands of the ablest detcctive once, and huu the rascal down. This is a sq uare and explicit denial. It is for the country to say whether they believe it is true. It must be remembered that the presidency is at stake and that his failure to deny this letter would mean his ignominious removal from the ticket or, if not that, his overwhelming defeat at the polls.

    With oniy a Con gressional seat at stake it will be remembered Mr. Of interest In connection with the above is the following dispatch or rather two dispatches from candidate Garfield denying the authorship af the money letter:. I will not break the rule I have adopted by making a public reply to campaign lies. But I authorize you tode ounce the so called Morey letter as a bold forgery, both in language and sentiment.

    Until its publication I never heard of the existence of the Employe's. To Hon. Martliall Jewell r,Your telegram of this afternoon is received. Publish my dispatch of last evening, if you think best. Within the last hour the mail has brought me a lithographic copy of the forged letter. It is the work of some clumsy villr in who can not spell, nor write English nor iini tate my at iting.

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    Observe, we save Nebraska Excursionists Eight hours of Travel. Tickets good 6t 40 days with all privileges of ordinary tickets. VII in VIII in X in Abraham Lincoln: The Gettysburg Speech a Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie Cosimo Beacon Lights of History, Vol. XI: Ameri XII: Amer XIV: The Biographical Memoir of Daniel Boone: The Blogothon: Reflections and Revelations f Catholics at a Crossroads: Coverup, Cris Commodore Vanderbilt: An Epic of America Harriman: Railroad Czar Two Volume Harriman: Railroad Czar, Vol.

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    Letters on an Elk Hunt by a Woman Homest Life and Adventures of Audubon the Natur Life and Liberty in America, Sketches of First English Edition of one of Trollope's best short novels. Peacocke goes to America for a position as vice-president of a college in St. Add to Cart. Item Details for DR. Ask a Question about DR. Original terra-cotta cloth. First Edition of this collection of six Trollope short stories, all of which had appeared in Saint Paul's Magazine between October and May The stories are loosely connected: a magazine editor Trollope was the editor of Saint Paul's is approached Original dark green cloth.

    First Edition Harper's one-volume edition was published in October ; the London three-decker, dated , came out two months later, in December This is Trollope's tale about the adventuress Lizzie Greystock Original printed buff wrappers. Early edition in wrappers, being No. Original medium-green cloth.

    Peter Mulvey: Fool's Errand

    This is Trollope's tale about the adventuress Lizzie Greystock -- "the Original printed wrappers, including outer wrapper promoting an Ignatius Donnelly title. First American Edition of one of the strangest of all of Trollope's novels On an imaginary island near Australia over which the English Original grey-green pictorial wrappers printed in red and black. First Edition, in 32 weekly parts serialization was also available in eight monthly parts, and at the end the novel was With Sixty-four Illustrations by Marcus Stone.

    fools errand the chronicles of albion book 1 Manual

    Original blind-stamped green cloth. First Edition in book form. Louis Trevelyan "knew he was right" about his young wife's infidelity. This is a long and detailed study of the gradual falling into madness of a suspicious husband In Three Volumes. Original reddish-brown cloth decorated in black. First Edition.