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We sailed out to the reef, half a mile off shore, and snorkelled among schools of shimmering fish. They say that in season you can swim down and help yourself to lobster, although I'm not sure if I believe it, or would want to. They can be nippy. The easiest way to get to Fort Lauderdale is to fly to Miami and rent a car.

It's only a minute drive from the airport and you can hire a really big car, because you'll never have to park. You simply abandon it to the ubiquitous valet parking. Why make the drive instead of staying in Miami? Well, you get the same sun, sand and service. And you don't live in constant fear of bumping into Paris Hilton making a "personal appearance".

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Fort Lauderdale is also an excellent base from which to explore the Everglades or, as we did, to take a slow trip down through the Florida Keys. The best time to come is in the winter or spring — at other times of the year you have to keep an eye on the hurricane warnings. So, did I come away convinced that Fort Lauderdale is an upscale destination?

And they told me one morning they sold eight. British Airways ; www. For car hire contact Alamo ; www. St Regis Resort ; www. Fort Lauderdale runs a regular water taxi service if your hotel does not have its own yacht. For details visit www. Snorkelling trips can be organised through www. For further information on Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys visit www. Terms and Conditions.

Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Saturday 28 September Fort Lauderdale: the Venice of America? Phil Reay-Smith puts it to the test. In the s, new laws were introduced to rid Fort Lauderdale of its unwanted reputation for wild parties. It is one of the only locations in Florida where the three-tier natural coral reef system is close enough for visitors to swim out for snorkeling or diving.

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Snorkelers and divers come from all over to swim from the beach to reefs alive with tropical fish, turtles and even lobsters. On Friday nights, the one street that runs through this sleepy town is blocked off, a stage is erected and live music is enjoyed.

No wonder guests return year after year. Known for the saltwater fish found exclusively in area waters and home to the annual Pompano Seafood festival and Fishing Rodeo, the water on this stretch of coastline is some of the warmest and clearest in South Florida due to a bend in the Gulf Stream. The beach is very popular for its excellent boating and fishing, accentuated by an offshore living coral reef accessible to scuba divers and snorkelers.

After seeing the wonderful beaches of Fort Lauderdale today, tomorrow I am going to take you to closer to the mountains.

Boat tour of the "Venice of America" - Fort Lauderdale

One who is born with wings has many stories to tell. I was a born wayfaring story-teller! But then, how does a chirpy story-teller who also has wings on her back and wheels on her feet find a colossal audience to recount those sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes eccentric encounters. I realised there was no other way I could narrate my tales to the world unless i started penning them down in black and white.

That's how TravelwithArchie was born. I love calling myself a vagabond!

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One who dreams about places and then travels there to see how they look in the real world. Come, borrow my wings for a while and see the world with my lens! Top Posts. Kids upto 14 years can Fly Free on Blessed Landscapes: Islands of the Sun and Moon. The Taj Mahal: Epitome of Love. Monument Series: Architectural Excellence across the Globe.

Do you cook during your travels? Hypnotic Skies, Alluring Sunsets. Fifty Shades of Green on the Road Trip. United States. Fort Lauderdale: The Venice of America! Lauderdale — Venice of America. There are a few stops close to the beach, but the best route, if you want to see as much as possible, is to go down the stops close to Port Everglades, and then head onwards to Las Olas and Riverfront, past all the mansions.

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Stop 4: 15th Street Fisheries and Lauderdale Marina. A great place to watch boats and have lunch! My personal favorite. Give me a bag of stinky shrimp available at the Marina Store on the dock , and I am entertained all day by the mahoosive tarpon! A great place day and night, and no, I do not get paid for saying this. The cold beer and burger with sweet potato fries tasted particularly good after being out in the sun and on the water taxi all day! Try their Alligator bites, they are known for them. If you never tried Gator, try it here, it is delicious!

They seem to love their jobs and it definitely shows! I have been on the water taxi plenty of times. What was new to me was the trip down to Hollywood. Happy faces all around, and as you bump into the same people all day, it is easy to chat and make some new friends for a day! The combination of exploration plus socializing is a lovely way to spend a day. On I hopped again at the Hilton stop, by Port Everglades.

I was mightily impressed by the unloading and loading of the massive cargo ships. Also, I never knew what kinds of things they stacked on top of containers, including boats, diggers and trucks!