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Strategically wrapping your meat—especially in tougher-to-tear wax paper—can help safely retain moisture for up to four months in your freezer, according to the Food and Drug Administration. It also can help preserve the taste and quality of your meat.

What Is Freezer Burn – Causes & How to Prevent It When Freezing Food

By Zee Krstic September 06, Pin FB ellipsis More. Close Share options. Close View image. First of all, stop opening the freezer door so goddamn much : every time you open it, you inadvertently vent cold air, thereby raising the temperature inside. This makes the freezer work harder to regain temperature equilibrium, while also increasing your chances of freezer-burning the hell out of your precious frozen waffles.

How to Prevent Freezer Burn: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

So please, keep the door-open time to a minimum. Another way of keeping your freezer temp as stable as possible is to increase the amount of stuff you have in there.

Picture those stacks of frozen pizzas like ice packs in a cooler: each one contributes to the overall low temperature, and helps counteract the warm air that leaks in when you open the door. Make sure there's room for air circulation at the top and bottom, and maybe buy a rack to keep things organized. Next, minimize the food's contact with air as much as possible. Make sure to use plastic containers whose size matches the amount of food you're putting in them, and double-wrapping your food's not a bad idea either.

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If you're using plastic bags, use the heavy duty kind meant specifically for use in the freezer. Additionally, you can replicate a vacuum seal by either placing the bag partially into water , or sealing it around an inserted straw and sucking the air out.

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Whether you have chicken thighs or ground beef in your freezer, there's inherent moisture in your meat. Over time, the meat will slowly dry out, leaving the water to accumulate on the surface of the food itself.

Food Freezing Tips: How to make sure your frozen food lasts

As the United States Department of Agriculture explains, any loose liquid within packaged meats will turn into ice crystals, leading to discolored and tough-looking patches that weren't there when you first stored it in your freezer. Chicken may appear to be pinker or take on a bright white hue, whereas beef can turn a shade of brown. In these instances you might be inclined to toss your meat, but USDA officials say that any meat affected by freezer burn is safe to eat. The only time you should be concerned about the safety of frozen meat is when you take it out of the freezer.