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It was an ordeal for awhile after the surgery, but she did get a temporary handicap parking permit. It was really cool when we went to the grocery store or Menards, being able to park right up front. We had some nice trips this year one of them even together. Brenda was to go to Dallas for a convention in May and would have seen the Yankees play the Rangers from a private suite at The Ballpark in Arlington , but her doctor vetoed the trip.

She also went to Washington, D. I went lots of places and picked up a new hobby: visiting notable gravesites. In June, when Paul and I went to the national convention of the Society for American Baseball Research in Louisville, we got all over Kentucky and Tennessee, visiting graves and seeing minor league games in Nashville and Louisville.

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Right after that, over Fourth of July weekend, I took a baseball trip out east seeing the Mets in New York, Phillies in Philadelphia, and a minor league game in Trenton. If all goes well, there may be a book that comes out of it. We went to a couple of exciting games at Yankee Stadium Yankees won both in extra innings and made it to Ellis Island for the first time.

We stayed at the Gramercy Park Hotel, which meant we had access to Gramercy Park, which has a locked gate and is open only to residents in the area. The Gramercy Park area has always been one of my favorite parts of New York, and it was fun to finally get in the park. Everyone sang the national anthem before it started apparently to make them think they were at a baseball game , so Brenda now reminds me that she has sung at the Metropolitan Opera.

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I also saw Bill Clinton without Hillary in November. I was in D.

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Happy Holidays. Stew and Brenda Go to Top. Here goes. We have him trained to get off the carpet and on to the linoleum before he horks up a hairball every so often, like once every 10 times. Brenda and I are taking a Spanish class together. We took a short cut to get back and somehow missed the customs checkpoint. There was a U. He informed us that we had made an illegal border crossing and were in the country illegally. He threatened to make us walk back and go through at the right place.

He also threatened to put us in the back of his truck, which made me a bit more nervous. Brenda and I had some fun trips this year and, once again, a few of them were even together. We went to Iceland in March. We were going to go farther, but the driving on the snow-covered roads in the mountains was pretty treacherous so we headed back into town. In October, we went to South Dakota, where Brenda is originally from. She was born in Mobridge, so we explored that area.

My great aunt Mary, who died about a year ago just a few days before her 91st birthday, wrote about this in her book, Memories of the Pasque and Prairie, which she had had published on her 80th birthday. We found the lakes and the stream that connected them. I pulled a large rock out of Punished Woman Lake. We hauled the rock home, and it is now in our garden.

It was a lot of fun for both Brenda and me to trace our prairie roots. Brenda had the chance to trace some other roots in July when we were in Nebraska. In a cemetery in Lincoln, we found the graves of some of her ancestors who had come from Russia.

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As for other trips, Brenda went to a convention in Toronto and saw an inter-league game at SkyDome between Toronto and the Montreal Expos. She noted that it was one of the few times she had gone to a major league baseball game and not heard the Star Spangled Banner played or sung. Mark McGwire homered in one of the games, but the most excitement came the next night in the game between the Cardinals and Diamondbacks that the entire convention group attended. Randy Johnson of the Diamondbacks struck out 14 batters but lost the game, , to Jose Jimenez of the Cardinals, who pitched a no-hitter.

A couple of friends and I also made our annual trip to watch the Gophers football team on the road. We picked a good one to go to this year as we were at Penn State on November 6 when the Gophers upset the Nittany Lions, , on a field goal as time ran out. Brenda was named acting safety manager. Brenda also took part this year in the Ironman bike race. The last time she did it was in April , just a few days before she had knee surgery. She was really happy that her knee was strong enough that she could do the race again.

I like it a lot, and it still leaves me time to write in my spare time. This year, they came out with a new series of sports books, designed for third-graders. My bigger writing project has been a book on the Polo Grounds, the long-gone stadium in New York City that had been home to the New York Giants baseball team since the s.

I finished most of the writing last year. This year as well as most of has consisted of checking the mailbox each day, hoping for news from a publisher and hoping that the news would be good. Sometimes the news would be good, sometimes not. I had been working with one publisher for nearly 10 months, as they sent the manuscript out to external reviewers for their comments. Finally, in May, I got the final news from the publisher: they decided not to publish it.

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It was a downer, and I gave myself a week to wallow in self-pity. I then sent out proposals to another 11 publishers and got a couple of bites. Once again, the waiting game continued as they sent it out to reviewers.

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At least it had a happy ending. The book should be out next year. Its primary market, of course, will be in New York, but it should end up in bookstores elsewhere, including here in Minnesota. Also, the baseball reporter from City Pages did a profile on my graveyard exploring. Brenda got quite a kick out of it since she says the reporter really had me pegged. Hope to hear from you all soon, either through your own tacky holiday newsletters which I always enjoy reading or some other means.

For a while, I had feared that he might have an eating disorder that caused him to purge. He has, however, developed bald spots. When I first noticed these I rushed the protesting animal to the vet, only to be told that the bald spots are caused by him licking himself because he is neurotic. This summer I hardly saw Stew at all. He once again had a press pass for Twins games. Also, he was asked to write a brief history of the Twins for their year anniversary.

The book was for kids and was a giveaway at one of the Twins games. When Stew was not at the Metrodome he was traveling around the country going to ball games in other cities and visiting state capitols and graveyards. Stew also got press credentials from major league baseball to attend the All-Star Game in Atlanta as well as the season-opening series in Tokyo between the Mets and Cubs.

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He invited me to come along to Japan with him but I went to Portland, Oregon, for work at the same time. Portland might not be as exciting as Tokyo but it was still pretty nice. We did get to do some traveling together. We also took an exciting trip in November to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, and Paris with side trips to the Highland countryside in Scotland and the French countryside along the Normandy coast.

Though the cities were exciting and the museums interesting, I got the biggest thrills out of walking through the heather where 10, Scotsman and British loyalists were buried and strolling along the now-peaceful beaches of Normandy. I never understood the attraction of old battlefields till I visited these places and felt how heavy they are with memories.

He has a book signing set up for the main Barnes and Noble store and some radio interviews to help promote the sale of the book. It has been great for Stew to have a book with a broader audience than Minnesota sports history, which has been his area of expertise to date. Our next big trip will be a baseball tour to Cuba next February. For myself I will say that I am too happy for my own good. After over a year of working in an acting position, I have been promoted to Rail and Bus Safety Manager.