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By the s, it had evolved into something much bigger. There were over members of clubs named after each day of the week. View 2 comments. Sep 15, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: women , boston , italy , historical-fiction , jewish. Oh this was the ultimate book of friendship!

Set in in Boston, just over the course of a few months of that year, it traces the changing life course and deep bonds of four young women. Caprice, Ada, Thea, and Maria. Two are Italian, two are Russian Jewish. Each of the four is expected to fulfill the expectations of women at that time, combined with the dictates of their culture. All four are supposed to marry, and marry from their tradition, country, and religion.

In fact, all four are cont Oh this was the ultimate book of friendship! In fact, all four are contending with the culture and expectation of arranged marriages, and families who carry old world traditions. The book is narrated from the voice of Caprice, our young Italian Sicilian heroine - who dreams of owning her own hat shop.

Who wants to run her own business and make a success out of herself. At the forefront of the novel, is the Saturday Evening Girls Club, two women who have been a haven for the young girls of the community of all backgrounds, they have hosted every Saturday night, a place for young women to be together, to support each other, in friendship, solidarity, and in their dreams of fulfillment.

It is there that the relationship between the four young women is born and sustained, and it is going strong when the book opens. I found this little gem, because it was in the "staff recommends" section of our library and it caught my attention. For those of you who are librarians or booksellers, you wouldn't believe how powerful a draw that is. Or you would, given that we are all frequenting a website that relies on others recommendations to find hidden gems, or to steer us well. I had planned to read it, but when the genre of the month was tagged as friendship, I knew this one would be a perfect fit and it was.

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Enjoyed the ride. It wasn't a not to be missed, but I enjoyed it all the same. View 1 comment. Dec 09, DeAnn rated it really liked it. This was a quick, easy, light-hearted read, perfect for my December book club meeting. I enjoyed that it was set in Boston, Interesting to read at the end that there are several other real "Evening Girls Clubs" -- not just Saturday.

In some ways, so you could see how far women have come where in those days fathers expected them to marry, no life or career outside that. This one has a fun cast of strong female characters, but was pretty fluffy! There's going to be a sequel right? A great story of warmth, love, and friendship. I need to make sure Maria and Ada are OK. Sequel please! Sep 16, Angela rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction-contemporary. Sweet, but simplistic and predictable. I think it would work fine as a YA novel, but I believe it's aimed at adults.

I breezed through it in an afternoon; much of it is dialogue, so the pages go by quickly. Light and fluffy, which isn't particularly to my literary tastes but if you enjoy a feel-good kind of story that doesn't challenge you and I don't mean that in a condescending way , you will probably enjoy it.

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My biggest complaint is that the dialogue seemed very anachronistic and particular Sweet, but simplistic and predictable. My biggest complaint is that the dialogue seemed very anachronistic and particularly at the beginning of the book, far too expository. I was pleased to find out that the Saturday Evening Girls Club was a real organization, and as librarian myself, delighted that it began as a library book club with a librarian as one of its founders.

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What an inspiration and a testament to the life-changing power of libraries - I wish a "further reading" section had been included, as I plan to do more research on the organization myself. Unfortunately, I have more enthusiasm for the premise of the book than the execution of it, but I'm nonetheless glad that this book brought the Club to my attention.

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  7. Received this title with my Once Upon a Book Club subscription, which is a fun experience. Using this title to fulfill the "book with a month or day of the week in the title" prompt of the PopSugar Reading Challenge. Mar 31, Linda Zagon rated it it was amazing. I also feel that this is Historical Fiction and Romance. The club offered young women, especially immigrants, the wonderful artistic opportunity for making pottery, and supporting the arts with drama and music. These clubs were sponsored by wealthy women and women who loved the arts. The club offered the opportunity for young women to have friends.

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    The pottery became valuable, and is known as Paul Revere Pottery. The story takes place in Boston North in the early 's when four young women become friends through the Saturday Evening Girl's Club.

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    They are young immigrants working mostly in dress design and making hats. I like the way the author describes their homes in small apartments, and many neighbors. Although these girls were not rich, they were bound to their families traditions. Although the girls came from Jewish and Italian homes, they respected each other. Caprice gave her pay check to her family and tried to save for her dream to own her own hat shop.

    When the store closes where she has worked, she starts to work at the pottery shop. Caprice is extremely talented in decorating and trimming hats, and holds on to her dream of owning her own shop one day. Ada, is a young intelligent Jewish immigrant. She has been taking college courses at night, and keeping it a secret from her father.

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    Ada more than anything wants to be a physician. Maria is a gorgeous Italian dressmaker,who lives at home with an alcoholic father, who causes major stress to her family. Thea is a young Jewish immigrant, who is the first to be engaged to a man , by an arrangement by her family. Saturday nights are so important to these young women as they share there secrets,hopes and dreams. The club is so important to them. Caprice, Ada and Maria want to break with certain traditions and choose what they want to do in their lives.

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    They want to choose someone they love. They want to live their dreams. Jane Healey writes about family, friendship, tradition, choice, support, love and hope. The author also writes about goals, dreams, and working hard for what one believes in. It is amazing how the author describes her characters, settings and situations.

    I enjoyed this intriguing and heartwarming novel and would highly recommend this. Apr 17, Gem rated it really liked it Shelves: , women-s-lit , historical-fiction. I didn't expect that this book would be the object of my love for the few days that I've read it. I loved Thea, Maria, Ada and especially Caprice! They are what we would call today as squadgoals. The style of writing didn't bore me, as well. Will be writing a more thorough review soon!

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    Thank you to the publisher for giving me access to an ARC via Netgalley.