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When a person is in love, they do not leave a year-old ambitious woman for a year-old wannabe model. When a person is in love, they see beautiful people everywhere, but they have eyes only for the person they love. It was because he was a jerk and never knew how to love. Like so many other women, Samantha became depressed post-breakup. Women do not realize that the only reason a man can leave one woman for another is that he is a jerk and was never in love.

When a man leaves a woman, she usually thinks it was because of her own faults, shortcomings and mistakes.

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She usually thinks of the things she lacks which would have made him stay had she possessed those things, like youth, glow and charm. Like any other woman facing a breakup because of the fact that her man left her for another woman, Samantha is intensely aware of her imperfections right now. Along with being extremely hurt, she is also very insecure. She can clearly see the blemishes on her face, the pimples on her forehead, the extra flesh on her stomach, her short eyelashes, her ugly hairline.

She can see everything bad about her except the one and only bad thing that really exists — her wrong decision of marrying a man like the jerk. This is unacceptable yet woven into the fabric of our society. She is not insecure anymore. She does not look longingly at younger, youthful women. She usually finds herself thinking about all the things she is grateful for and all the ways in which she is amazing.

She now understands that is very common in our society for people to blame women even for the mistakes of men.

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More often than men, women are found blaming another woman for the mistakes and faults of men. He left me because he was a coward who shied away from loyalty and long-term commitment. Now, the only bad thing Samantha finds in herself is the regret over not choosing the right person for herself. It is mandatory that this message is shared with all the Samanthas out there. Your husband did not leave you for another woman. Your husband did not leave you because you were anything less than another human being in any way.

He left you because he never knew of love.

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  6. He left you because he had no guts and no sense of loyalty. Take Course. I am a whore, a troll and a homewrecker. Based on what? You say I bash people, who exactly? Sorry to disappoint, but I feel okay. All that venom directed because of a different opinion on how to handle a problem. You came on here telling people they are venomous and attacked them and made fun of them for how they feel. Only self-centered, self-righteous people would do that. I could care less who you are or what you do. Buzz off and leave these people alone.

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    They come here to tell their story and you came here to judge them. Who are you to judge! I will no longer respond to you. I know exactly what you are and how you are trying to make yourself feel better for your actions.

    Why Iyanla Forgave Her Ex-Husband For Leaving Her for Another Woman - Iyanla: Fix My Life - OWN

    Out of curiosity ariella, What brings you to this site? I suspect you have not had to go through the pain of being cheated on. If you had you might not be so quick to judgement. Yes these are a very strong Comments they are from people who have had their lives ripped apart or witnessed other lives that have been shattered because of infidelity. I consider myself to be reasonable and rational and a good God fearing woman, but Honestly I could beat the hell out of my very very recent ex for what he has done to me and my life my Daughter and my grandchildren.

    I have lost my family my home, my vehicle, possessions, money. Infidelity is traumatic do some research.

    The prisons are full of people who have committed crimes of passion, people have turned to alcohol and drugs prescription medication. There are not enough words in the English language to describe the pain that infidelity causes! So if you are on this site for mere entertainment then please just read and keep your comments to yourself. When it happens to you, let us know how peaceful and calm you feel, and oh well things happen.

    Lisa: Your really seem to attack people who may have a different take on situations on this site.

    How to Get Your Husband Back after He Leaves You

    You accuse people and make statements that you cannot possibly know about or even back up. Dear know your true colors: Seems your name know your true colors may be intended for others, but I think it says something about how you look at things. Maybe for your prospective, things are always starkly back or white, but life is never that simple. Again, I hope you are in a good place in your life, now. I am not meaning to judge you in any way, and you are certainly entitled to your opinion, as all the contributors on the site are. I jhate that you feel this way, and maybe you have changed somewhat.

    Do you think any woman wants a married man and to get involved in such drama on purpose? People are not right for each other, grow apart or change after marriage.


    The Other Woman’s Role in Your Breakup | Psychology Today

    The real lie would be to deny feelings and stay in an unhappy marriage. You sound bitter. I hope you can find peace in your heart. When spouses have trouble, they should work together to get through it. However, cheating is wrong and causes so much damage to everyone. It hurts. Eventually the guilt will begin to wear down the ones who cheated and damaged their families. I agree. I just ended a year-long emotional affair with a long time friend. We are both married. We were friends for years.

    To the Woman My Husband Left Me For

    Then my marriage and his marriage developed some issues at the same time. My husband was miserable at his job and he was very cold to me. He developed a very short temper. He ignored me and began sleeping downstairs many nights. I begged him for about two years to go to therapy with me. I missed him so much. He never smiled anymore. I only got critiques; never a compliment. I felt so alone and scared. My parents had divorced and I felt like I would be the biggest failure if I did that. But I felt alone. Really alone.

    And there was my friend. He felt the same I guess. We never spoke about problems in our marriages at first. It was a gradual thing. We started talking more and more and the next thing I knew I realized I had feelings for him. I felt like an asshole. I went to therapy. I tried to put distance between me and my friend. I avoided him for months. Then work circumstances made it so we saw each other every day. My feelings grew. I said nothing to him, but one day he came to me distressed and told me he had fallen in love with me.

    I was honest with him and told him I felt the same. Now what??? We should have just stopped speaking, I know!!! You all think we are both horrible people. But on my end I knew that I was taking nothing from this other man that my husband wanted to give me. This other man and I set up boundaries.