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Data or Information about things is as important as the things themselves. This presentation is for people who think that Data or Information is an issue for them. For those who think they can own and not understand. This is Data Management for Dummies.

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Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Data Management for Dummies. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Introduction to research data manag Embed Size px. The process of management can be very challenging at times, but it can also bring you a sense of fulfillment that you never imagined possible. Managing For Dummies, 3rd Edition is perfect for all levels of managers.

This clearly written, easy-to-understand guide gives you practical advice on the most important aspects of managing, such as delegating as opposed to ordering, improving employees'' performances, getting your message across, understanding ethics and office policies, team building and collaboration, and much more. Managing in today''s lightning-speed business world requires that you have the latest information and techniques for getting the job done.

Managing For Dummies, 3rd Edition provides you with straightforward advice and up-to-the-minute strategies for dealing with anything that comes your way. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. Managing For Dummies. Prices and offers may vary in store. Kobo ebook. The fast and easy way to learn how to manage people, projects, and teams Being a manager can be an intimidating and challenging task. Tips and advice for new and experienced managers All-new chapters on employee encouragement and corporate social responsibility Guidance on managing employees by leveraging the power of the Internet Managing in today''s lightning-speed business world requires that you have the latest information and techniques for getting the job done.

About The Author. Peter Economy is the Associate Edi The next economy was services. Value was added by packaging goods with services. In the current services economy, goods have become commoditized so that price is now the main difference — think about how long-distance telephone service or cable television is sold on price.

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  • Finally, the experience economy arrived. Goods and services are no longer enough. Experiences become a distinct economic offering.

    This is where growth will come from and where we need to innovate. One of the key distinctions in economic value between a service and an experience is how time is used. What does this mean to you as a company? The more time they spend with you, the more money they may spend.

    Give careful attention to the idea of time well spent. Recognizing the Need for Innovation If you read the preceding section, you now know why experience has become the currency of the realm for brands and retailers. But in this section, we give you the key areas that drive innovation in commerce. Increasing retail disruption The status quo in retail has been disrupted. The increasingly dynamic efforts in retail mean that merchants need to continually innovate to remain ahead of and differentiated from their online and offline competitors.

    Similarly, brands need to ensure that their products are represented correctly in new channels, which brings new buyer interaction paradigms, such as voice search. Changing behaviors and characteristics of buyers Now that e-commerce has been in place for well over 20 years, a new wave of millennial buyers is coming of age in an era where it has always been possible to shop and buy online.

    Millennials look for Amazon—like customer experiences everywhere and are accustomed to doing significant product research before entering a store or purchasing online. B2B and B2C merchants need to innovate to keep pace with the way buyers want to interact with and be informed by each channel. Proliferating e-commerce channels New channels and formats appear quickly. For example, they use voice assistants, buy from mobile applications, and use social media sites like Instagram.

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    Some online retailers are using in-store techniques such as pop up shops, concept stores, and showrooms. The ultimate objective of PXM is to enable marketers and commerce teams to easily and efficiently manage product information and deliver it in context using adaptable, flexible, robust, and built-for-purpose tools. Diversifying channel-specific needs Technology innovations are developing at a fast pace.

    The adoption of voice assistant technology is growing and one study reported that 26 percent of smart speaker users have ordered something via voice. These new channels require product information to be made available in different contexts.

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    Even the way people search via voice versus typing is different. A paragraph-long product description and rich images will work for print and e-commerce sites, but a product description for a voice assistant will need to be much shorter. Merchants must, therefore, prepare their product data in different contexts for such things as voice-activated shopping assistants that are becoming increasingly popular. Globalized and cross-border commerce Online shopping makes it easy for consumers to access global markets.

    This development requires that brands and online retailers create and execute a seamless international e-commerce strategy. From a product information standpoint, this means your product catalog needs to. Handling cross-border and global commerce not only increases the size and complexity of your product catalog but also creates the need to consider what the best product experience means for each locale and each channel used in that locale.

    They want to experience a consistent and contextual product experience across all channels.

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    • Imagine the confusion that would result from customers finding differing product descriptions or pricing, depending on which channel print, store, or online they were on. Complex and fast-growing technology ecosystems New technologies are constantly popping up. One of those that has great potential is artificial intelligence AI. You may already see AI becoming part of your online experience in the form of recommendation engines and improved search capabilities. As AI becomes even more prevalent, people expect brands and retailers to anticipate their needs and give them exactly what they want with less time and effort.

      AI will increasingly be used to provide merchants and brands with product intelligence they can use to help craft more compelling product experiences. So be prepared for the next big thing whatever that might be.

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      Fulfilling the Need for Agile Product Data To supply great product experiences, you need agile product data. Agile product data has these key characteristics:. With poor quality product data, buyers will quickly move on to a competing product, or to a merchant who is able to provide more actionable information. Your product information hub needs to be able to seamlessly connect with relevant platforms as well as related technologies in use that drive the product experience.

      Defining PXM Every day, there are thousands of platforms and channels on which products are listed, advertised, presented, and sold. For this reason, brands and retailers need to populate all shopper touchpoints with. This means that the right product needs to be displayed in the right format, structure, and style of the respective channel. Context is king! This sounds great, so how can merchants and brands create and master this kind of messaging?

      Use a PXM solution to overcome the limitations of using spreadsheets and other ill-suited tools. Product information consists of more than technical data. By understanding this, you are able to move from managing data to crafting and delivering experiences. PXM is an emerging practice and category of business application, and we propose this comprehensive definition: PXM is the subtle science of delivering product information in context, adapted and tailored by channel and locale to match the buying experience at every touchpoint.

      Having the right data and insight into the type of product experience buyers expect is the foundation for any great customer experience. PXM requires different tools and practices to enable retailers and brands to deliver an exciting product experience. We cover the software you need to create a complete PXM solution in Chapter 2. Today, customers expect an emotionally satisfying product experience when they look at your product information.

      Their expectations are high, and you have to meet them. Your customers expect a great experience at every touchpoint so your brand message must be consistent yet differentiated across channels. In this chapter, you look at how your company can benefit from implementing a well-thought out Product Experience Management PXM solution and how to get buy in from your managers. Increasing conversions One of the major benefits of providing a great product experience is that your customers reward you with more purchases.

      Reducing returns Better product information also results in fewer returns. Companies using PXM solutions have reported up to a 40 percent decrease in returns. Enhancing brand loyalty PXM tools allow you to create an emotional connection with your buyers, which makes them more likely to stay loyal to your brand.