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Urban fiction authors who self-publish are part of a long tradition. But many readers are looking. And while self-publishing in general still has its uncertainties, self-published authors continue to rack up success stories as sales of mainstream chick lit and fiction in general appear to decline. Patton believes urban fiction will soon get more attention from media outlets like the New York Times "because as the years go by our assessment of what is good fiction will continue to expand. Many of the books that are reviewed now certainly would not have been reviewed twenty or thirty years ago.

For now, Allen said she has readers "of different sexes, nationalities, and ages. I envision the women I know and I envision myself, because I was a reader before anything.

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Urban Fiction Authors Could Be Big Winners In New Publishing Era The literary establishment often ignores them, but some black female writers are sidestepping the big presses and their concerns by self-publishing. Posted on July 31, , GMT. Anna North. Via ecx.

Popular Urban Fiction Titles

Thicker Than Water , Takerra Allen's debut novel. Himes wrote Harlem detective fiction and was a contemporary of hard-boiled writers such as Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. Goines was an ex-con and heroin addict who published 16 books in five years before his body was found riddled with bullets in a Detroit apartment in Slim, whose legal name was Robert Beck, was a charismatic Chicago pimp whose gritty memoir, Pimp: The Story of My Life , is a quasi-anthropological look at street life that contributed to the vernacular of hip-hop and whose alias gave Ices T and Cube their noms de guerre.

The pair grew up in Flint, Michigan, the Rust Belt town north of Detroit whose crime rate has exploded in the decades since globalisation decimated the auto industry.

She grabbed the stash before the police circled back to scoop it. The pair had their first date at a bookstore and quickly moved in together. In , Ashley had to terminate an ectopic pregnancy and afterwards suffered from depression. To cheer her up, JaQuavis tapped into their mutual love of reading, challenging her to a writing contest. They decided to combine their stories, emerging two weeks later with a novel.

She was 17; he a year older. They, too, sold their early books out of the back of a car but since have sold more than 2m books and regularly feature on the New York Times bestseller list. They have each written 5, words roughly days-a-year for the past 10 years. They meticulously outline every plot point before they begin writing, and then alternate writing chapters until it is done.

Young Adult Fiction

They usually finish a book in just two or three weeks. Keeping it true to their experience means, however, that their books must change. They have swapped the streets for a comfortable life in suburban Detroit. But at 29, 30, we write about that street shit.

Foye, who is older than the Colemans, has already moved on.

The Hottest Urban Fiction ( books)

Like them, his major titles — such as Animal IV: Last Rites , which street vendors in Harlem eagerly asked after when I accompanied him on a recent visit — cause a stir on the street. But he has also begun writing dark fantasy novels under a pseudonym. He prefers to think of himself as a crime writer rather than a street-lit author. It also suffers from the criticism that it glorifies violence and devalues the lives of its — mainly black — readers.

It is the same criticism that has frequently been levelled against hip-hop. Keenan Norris, who edited the scholarly anthology Street Lit: Representing the Urban Landscape , says the books function as both an escape from and a chronicle of the poverty, violence and despair that characterise inner-city life. Justin Gifford, a University of Nevada-Reno professor whose recent biography of Iceberg Slim, Street Poison , was published by Doubleday, says that critics miss the point. Some great instructions for authors pursuing publishing via traditional publishing houses!

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Urban Fiction Authors Could Be Big Winners In New Publishing Era

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Urban fiction books helped guide me through my Black girlhood

Word Count I get a lot of questions about word count for urban fiction novels. I hope this list was helpful and that it gets you on the right track for literary success. Like this: Like Loading Justin says:.

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