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One of the best things about Four Purls is that when they choose a yarn to carry, they stock it in sweater quantities in TONS of colorways. Looking to make a sweater in Rios?

Charles C. Mann

Wait, back up. Have I mentioned the colors? Emma and Aspen are color wizards; every time I visit, I find another colorway that I cannot possibly dream of living the rest of my life without. Take a look at our gallery of pictures, too, just be careful not to drool on your keyboard. Now go forth and find your people! Just visited the shop for the first time Friday. Your descriptions are so right-on.

I almost had to be rescesitated the first moment in the shop. After that it was gasp after wonderful gasp at all the beautiful, colorful, imaginative yarns. Which, in order for me to keep playing in this league at a high level, I had to bring those things out. Last year was moreso kind of like my rookie year, I would say, with the style of play.

And I thought it worked out very well. Yet the Hornets moved on, quickly, leaving Howard to try and prove himself yet again with yet another team. He remained incredibly durable and started all 82 games for the third time in his last four seasons. He was still elite last season in screen assists, finishing fourth in the league at 4.

But Gortat was getting attacked defensively with more frequency and effectiveness by opponents last season, getting Gortat to switch onto their guards and leaving him isolated. The Wizards, like everyone else in the league, opted for more small-ball lineups as the season went on. Gortat countered, with some justification, that Wall was leaving him on an island defensively by not fighting harder through screens and staying in front of his man. Offensively, the Wizards need Howard to help them resurrect their screen-and-roll game, which Wall and Gortat ran to great effect for years, but which fell off noticeably last season.

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With Wall out half of the season with injuries, Washington fell from 11th in the league in in screen-and-roll possessions with the ball handler finishing the possession -- a total of 1,, or Howard was better in Charlotte with Kemba Walker than Gortat was in Washington with Wall as a roll man last season, but not good enough to help Clifford keep his job. He has the ability to sprint to the rim for lobs. He has the ability to catch that one dribble pocket pass and get it to the corner, which he does.

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But even though Howard has diversified his game offensively, can a non-floor spreading big even stay on the floor these days? You need a big. And when you have a talented big, you use him. The challenge is going to be, how are you going to guard smaller guys? Howard guarded the paint fine for Charlotte, but the Hornets struggled to defend 3-pointers, finishing 27th in the league By contrast, the Wizards were pretty good defending 3-pointers, tying with Indiana for fifth-best in the league at If Washington can marry its perimeter D with improved paint defense, it could have something.

No matter the obstacles, the Mystics are determined to win their first championship

One that still has the taste of losing The Finals on his home floor in in his mouth, and wants desperately to unfurl his Superman cape again. They do have connections in and knowledge of the Wizard's Guild and so roll one less die when working through their school connections to find magic items for sale, wizards who know specific spells, etc. The eighty recent graduates of the Dranning School of Wizardry between the ages of 16 and 19 are engaged in secondary education as follows:.

Issue 5 : Vermont

Around the age of 20 these apprentices pass their Journeyman examinations and then work an average of thirty years each as full adult wizards. The total humanoid population of Dran is around two hundred thousand. These are divided up as follows:. The majority of wizards in Dran are graduates of this school.

Twenty of the guild members are teachers at this school, each with their own lab and twenty to forty students. Two hundred and fifty of these students are wizards in training between the ages of six and fifteen receiving basic knowledge of wizardry of whom board at the guild with another 50 living with their parents in the city while the remaining hundred students are sixty heroes ages 15 and up learning a few spells each and forty adult students of Alchemy.

The Dranning chapter of the Wizard's Guild has another score labs dedicated to alchemy production. Most of the potions produced are consumed in training or magic item production on site. A half mile away from the wizard school and guild the Scholars have their own Senior Chapter and academy of roughly the same size. The two academies have academic and potion exchanges, guest lectures, and a long rivalry between their sports teams.