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Could it have been an angel? I was unsure, but I needed to learn more.

True and False Conversion

I took salvation with a friend of mine, who was a gospel singer, and her family embraced me with open arms. They were a strong Christian family, so after a while they would invite me to their church performances, their Sunday schools and prayer meetings. It was like a beautiful, insightful, hidden world that boasted of love and acceptance, where everyone took strength from each other's faith, together using God's word, to not only enlighten the world but also to sustain morals within such a crumbling society.

The strength that Jesus gave me made me feel confident enough to surpass my fears and tell the world who I was. I was told my choice in lifestyle was from the devil and they didn't want to be a part of it.

True and False Conversion | Living Waters

I attempted to question their anger, as I was still a child of God and I had accepted that he was my saviour. There were no answers. They pointed to Leviticus : "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable," and they went on to cease the friendship. I felt as if everything they had shown me, the commandments and the Lord's love, was just for show.

Faith at that time seemed like a selected lottery for Jesus's love. As I have grown, so has my love for God. Even though people who preached his word fled and walked away from me, he never did. Do I punish Jesus after all he has done for me through ignoring his love completely? That surely is the biggest blasphemy of all. Because others are too busy judging my life to concentrate on their own struggles and sins: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" — John Can I find a mutual ground between my beliefs?

I have tried and prayed to change, but end up feeling lost. Argument after argument, I still find myself being persecuted by both the gay and Christian community.

Every Sunday I walk into church to pray and receive disgusted looks from brothers and sisters. The main reasons are for the clear verses in the Bible referring to homosexuality as sin. I know, I've studied the Bible. It's an uncomfortable and confusing position many of us are in. God made it clear that there is no sin that can separate us from him apart from the rejection of Jesus Christ. Is the Bible just down to interpretation? I wondered. Should I attend church? Where should I go? Who should I tell? What if I have doubts?

What If I Don’t Do It?

How often should I pray and read the Bible? This means you obviously came from somewhere in reference to your ideas, background, beliefs, and habits. Maybe you have come to Christ after involvement in another religion or philosophy. Or perhaps you were raised in a Christian home, drifted away from beliefs you were brought up with and have now committed your life to Christ. As a new Christian you may find yourself somewhat confused as to what your next steps should be.

While there is a general route you may follow, such as gathering regularly with fellow Christians, there is no exact plan spelled out in the Bible regarding your next steps.

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God does have a plan for you and your life , but it is something you will discover as you grow as a Christian and mature in your relationship with Christ. One area where you may be confused is in reference to emotions in relation to Christianity. Maybe when you became a Christian you went through a very emotional experience. Or perhaps you are experiencing the opposite — your commitment to Christ may not have been emotional at all, or at least not very much so.

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  • Christians come to Christ in all sorts of ways. Some are highly emotional experiences, others are not. Lewis, for instance, one of the great Christian thinkers of the 20 th century, described his conversion more like someone who had been asleep realizing he is awake, but not in any extraordinary emotional sense. In fact, as a Christian you will have your ups and downs. Your feelings will fluctuate from day to day, but the foundation of your beliefs should not.

    If you have a solid foundation in Christ and Christianity, that foundation rooted in a real relationship with Christ is what will support your Christian life. There will be much to learn throughout your Christian life, just be careful not to try and absorb too much information at once. One area you will want to learn more about has to do with the Bible. This article can only provide you with brief information about the Bible and what it teaches, but if you want to learn more you can try a few helpful resources.

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    Bruce InterVarsity Press offers a short and helpful summary of the evidence for the reliability of the New Testament, where the story of Jesus and the early Church is recorded. The Holy Bible is actually a collection of many books written by several authors inspired by God over a period spanning some 1, years or so.

    The Old Testament contains books written before the time of Christ, while the New Testament contains documents about the life of Christ and the early Church. These four books contain accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Christ. John is a good place for a new Christian to become introduced to Christ and His message. Next you will find the book of Acts, which records many exciting and challenging events in the life of the early Christians and the early Church.

    It introduces a key individual known as Paul, who went on to become one of the most important Christians in the early church.