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Highly recommended. View all 7 comments. This is a gorgeous holiday epilogue to the Gay Amish Romance series. Thank you, Keira, for writing this story. View 1 comment.

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Nov 25, Denise H. They are living happily after leaving the strict Amish life they were raised under. They have wishes and needs for their furniture business. It's Christmas, and they could use some luck.

A Virgin River Christmas

View all 6 comments. Nov 27, Mark rated it really liked it Shelves: gay-fiction , christmas , quickies. My eyes were out like organ stops and of course I had to get, I have never one-clicked so fast in my life. Why all the excitement? Well, just when I thought that the journey had ended for two of my ALL TIME favourite characters we get thrown a surprise little titbit from Keira and my heart leapt with joy.

This series is one of those that literally reduced me to tears, from sadness to angst, to joy! Th YEAH! The feels I get with David and Isaac are off the scale. Isaac and David are gearing up to celebrate their first Christmas with all the trimmings English style. Also Anna has now run off with her brother David and is discovering everything for the first time. I so had the visuals going on in my head on that one. But as I said, adults but experiencing everything like kids. And oh it was so sweet. Yes, for me — BEST. Celebrate the holidays with Isaac and David!

This short story was first published in the Wish Come True charity anthology last year, and now it's available as a standalone. Taking place after book three, A Way Home , Isaac and David are still getting used to life in the outside world, and this is their first Christmas together as a couple.

Join them as they discover Santa, decorations, and the magic of the season. Especially mistletoe. View 2 comments. Dec 18, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: part-of-series-or-serial , short-or-novella , own-tbr , m-m , holiday , religious-themes-or-characters. I could read on and on about these two and the way they take everything in and adapt to their new English life.


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It was great catching up and seeing them moving forward. I laughed and teared up a bit and also got a bit hot and bothered. It just made me want to read the whole series all over again. Glad to see there will be more to come for this series! Nov 16, Meags rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , mm , shorties-less-thanpages , fave-characters , best-couples , christmas , lgbt. These two just make my heart ache in the most deliciously beautiful way. It's the perfect Christmas read. Dec 15, Lucy Felthouse rated it it was amazing.

Regular readers of my reviews will know that I'm a big fan of Keira Andrews' Amish books, so I was very happy to check out this short story featuring the two main characters from the series, David and Isaac. It won't make an awful lot of sense unless you've read the other books, to be honest, so if you're looking for some gay romance with hot sex scenes that's very different, then you should definitely check them out. A Very English Christmas is set after the third book in the series, and is a Regular readers of my reviews will know that I'm a big fan of Keira Andrews' Amish books, so I was very happy to check out this short story featuring the two main characters from the series, David and Isaac.

A Very English Christmas is set after the third book in the series, and is a quick, sweet and sexy tale about the boys' first Christmas together as a couple in the "English" world, as they call it. They're still learning about the things that they've had no experience of in their Amish lives, still trying to build a life together.

It was really great to read a little bit more about the boys in this great short story, and I very much hope the rumours of another book in the series are true! Overall, a must-buy for fans of the series. If you haven't read the other books yet, though, I wouldn't suggest starting here. Read them in order and all will become clear - they're unique, incredibly well-written and engaging books.

My first Christmas story of the season and what a way to start by revisiting David and Issac! I've missed these boys. This was a lovely glimpse into how their life has continued. I look forward to more of their journey in !

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I really enjoyed this. All deals are valid today in the US, but they may not be valid tomorrow or in all Amazon stores. Always check the price before buying! No, seriously.

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I love that series so hard. This one has a best friends trope, but I one-clicked before I even read the blurb, haha.

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That was the case with humiliation play for me, until I read the first book in this series. No one does sweet kink like M. On the TBR list it goes. The first installment is free and this one is a new release at 99c. If you like your romances well-written and with plenty of steam, emotions, and ups and downs, try this series. I read the first two and really liked them. A flirty out-and-proud guy meets a handsome millionaire and sparks fly. Duh, of course they do. BTW: this book is technically just over a dollar, but whatever.

A big-city surgeon meets a cowboy and a virgin, yippeekayay! We have a ratty little paper on our fridge right now—a Robert Frost poem that is probably familiar to you. Poetry is about feeling, and being able to stop for a moment, like in a winter wood, and feel the cold and quiet. I hope my newest novel will make you feel, too! I hope it will make you stop and breathe and draw in a moment. I hope it will remind you that love is real and powerful and possible.

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And then I hope that some of you will take a moment to let me know about it! Because I do love hearing from readers. Available for Pre-order now! Easy as that! Please allow me a few days to respond. This book is hitting the shelves this October! Realizing they are still in love, the pair must decide if they can bridge their different worlds.

After the bishop discovers she is writing an advice column for Englishers, she is ordered to stop. But when she learns that Atley Troyer—her first love and the boy who jilted her—divulged her secret, he breaks her heart again. Ashamed of his actions, Atley realizes he must make amends.

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  • The two begin to see past their childhood missteps as they spend the holiday season in close proximity. Fans of the authors will relish these sweet tales of reconciliation. Have you ever noticed what fantastic spouses people are in their sixties? Was he that good at being married when he was twenty, or thirty, or forty? Probably not, but he hung in there for another twenty years, and look what he learned!

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    We women are the same, of course. Women in their sixties seem to know their husbands so well they can function in a silent short hand. No words even necessary—at least in front of other people. That comes from years of living with one man, figuring him out, and loving him through the ups and downs. And now, fourteen years in, there is just as much passion—just channeled a little more wisely.