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The chancefinding prompted a search for other samples that led them to private collections of fossils in the UK and the Netherlands. From those they gathered more evidence of male antiarchs with their claspers still attached.

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The grooves in the organs are used to transfer sperm from male to female. Further examination of the antiarchs revealed the first evidence of discrete female sexual organs, in the form of small genital plates in exactly the right position to facilitate sex. The detailed studies led Long and his colleagues to solve another mystery that has puzzled specialists for more than a century.

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The discovery of such ancient copulation means that sex with internal fertilisation evolved early on in the history of vertebrates but was then lost, with fish reverting back to spawning in water, and then evolved again in a different way. Modern sharks and rays have claspers that they use to deposit sperm into females, but instead of being attached to their whole bodies as in antiarchs, the organs grow along the inner part of their pelvic fins.

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Our picks from the international press. Trending articles in this and older magazines. Share this issue of the Magazine:. A uniform classification system, standardized terminology and proper assessment enable the doctor to communicate unambiguously and opine on the outcome in medicolegal cases. During examination, the type, location, dimensions and presence or absence of foreign bodies in the wound are to be noted. All patients with ocular trauma should be tested for visual acuity and ocular movements.

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A detail discussion on the gross anatomy, epidemiology, types of injuries, classification of ocular trauma, ocular trauma score, evaluation of traumatic eye, ocular examination, examination of eyeball, ocular imaging, etc. Related Books. Narayan Reddy.

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