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Seems as if the producers were completely unaware of the threat from Japan. I think once, somebody got roughed up for their bus fare. But heck, I cant think of a city that size you could do that today except maybe somewhere in Europe or Canada - or maybe Singapore. There are some interesting factoids in this film including the highest per capita income of any large American city What has happened to that city was obviously an "outside" job by the likes of which I think some people in this country are starting to become familiar with.

And for the record, all prior events considered And the racist went to Washington personally and insisted on having it that way. I never have and never will forgive black so-called "leadership" for what they did to that city. Biggest scene of destruction I've ever seen.

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Are you against free speech? You want to see something truly awful? Kerryman: your racism is disgusting, ignorant, and sad. I urge the moderators of this site to remove your comments so that other viewers of this video don't have to read them. Reviewer: Mr.

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Kerryman - favorite favorite favorite - August 18, Subject: Mayor Jerry's Detroit At the time of this video, Mayor Cavanagh was preparing to hand me my diploma from high school he just didn't know it yet. A year or two earlier, and I was able -- as a ten-year-old -- to take the bus to the Fisher Building to see the orthodontist and back home again. No hassles, no assaults, no hoboes. Try that today especially as a white man. What is ironic to me is the fact that blacks rioted in Detroit in only after high-paying jobs at the car factories were becoming available.

The destruction of the city has many causes, to be sure, but until the Black community stands up and takes responsibility for fatherless families and all the social ills that attend, we're spitting into the wind.

Tears For My City

Sure, our neighborhood was "block busted," and, sure, you could say that fleeing the city had only one cause -- racial. But, who among you wouldn't take action to preserve family wealth if you were convincingly told that your most important asset your family home was about to become worthless?

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The steely-eyed, amoral Black social structure that rules the streets of Detroit will assure that the city wallows in misery for another hundred years. My whole life was wrecked by the destruction of my neighborhood. My life was almost taken by street thugs.

My family is shocked when I tell them I'm from Detroit. Reviewer: doowopbob - favorite - March 16, Subject And Just Who Case Closed..! Reviewer: Nikonwilly - favorite favorite favorite - November 27, Subject: Propaganda on the move Great example of good old American propaganda for the masses,proudly promoted by the Industrial and Corporate elite for progress, yeah right! Their progress,their agenda, their future! Boy, times have changed Reviewer: Ron Raygun - favorite favorite - August 12, Subject: A Reputation as a "Rough Town" The film showed some nice parts of town, and the usual propaganda from a big city mayor.

Dating back to the 's, the Purple Gang placed Detroit as an ugly place to live. The Detroit Police never seemed to be able to stamp out hostile organized crime as well as a high crime rate throughout the most of the 20th Century. It's reputation for shootings, gang activity, murder, and other vices could never be negated by this film. And since the film was made in , the worst was to come shortly thereafter. People I talked to in the early '60's all told me that Detroit is a "rough town", and one of the most violent cities of the period.

There is no way that producing a film like this would convince anyone for a much less convention. And when the whites left for the suburbs and the Negroes started electing Negroes, it was all over. Today it is a total burned out slum that I would be afraid to fly over. Reviewer: Audioguy - favorite favorite - March 31, Subject: Next time, get a better narrator!

Tears For My City: An Autobiography of a Detroit White Boy by Dean Dimitrieski

No wonder Detroit didn't get the Olympics. Maybe they should blame Jam Handy for being passed over. After seeing this piece, I'm sure the Olympic committee was nodding off. While Jerome Cavanaugh was not a bad guy, narration was not his strong suit. I don't know if it was his idea to narrate, or if that came from Handy. Great shots of Detroit during the mid-Sixties, though, before everything went to hell.

What about "BET" television? Your tone and being specific to solely one side is equally as amusing and does nothing but contribute to what you criticize. The perpetrators forced good people out, Kwame Kirkpatrick is the result. Reviewer: jazzbo13 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 22, Subject: Funny Film It's a real pity that all that culture is now wasted on a populace that considers a bucket of chicken, a couple of 40's and a Snoop Dog CD "high art". Smythology I had a quick visit to the amusing link you provided in your review white-history , it amazes me that despite the mountains of evidence provided by science to the contrary, there are still those who insist on separating humanity into self-emerged "races" rather than recognizing the fact that we all share a common ancestry, directly traceable to the African continent.

Whatever differences we have are a result of cultural development that occurred in separation, this isolation has virtually disappeared in the age of globalization, but it will take some time before we recognize our common humanity and hopefully transcend our tribal nature, sites like "white-history" do nothing to contribute to this goal that is truly central to our survival.

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The film was quite good as well This renaissance, seen everywhere, is the direct result of considered planning This vision for planning centered around several key components: the subservience of the city to the needs of the automobile, the rejection of fine-grained urban fabric in favor of massive glass-and-concrete towers set in open areas, and above all, a worshipful attitude toward "progress" and "modernity" which entailed a complete rejection of the ideas, traditions and styles of the past. Driving all the destruction was a quasi-totalitarian planning board salivating over the prospect of federal highway and urban renewal funds.

It is this ideology that is responsible for this video, in which the filmmakers happily focus the camera on massive highway interchanges and profoundly unattractive architecture which the Mayor tells us -- with apparent sincerity -- is "creating a new image of beauty and function. The only exception is the Disneyland-like tourist village, confirming the impression that in this "modern" Detroit, the only permissible remnants of the past will be those kept as museum pieces.

Tall new office towers are praised simply for being tall and new, as though that alone was sufficient justification for their existence. In the new Detroit, the mayor boasts, children will be sent to "the most modern of schools," as though the grim, dark and depressing one-story schoolhouse shown in the video will somehow help to educate Detroit's children in a way that the distinguished neo-Gothic, Classical and Romanesque revival buildings of the pre period could not. Also notable is the reference to the so-called slums: as the Mayor puts it, "the ugliness, the poverty and sickness of slums.

Now, certainly it should have occurred to someone in city government that a building cannot be poor, nor can a building really be sick -- these are characteristics of people, not structures. The only remaining characteristic, ugliness, is rather subjective whether applied to people or architecture, and cannot be grounds for condemnation for a building in any event. Yet the Major proclaims all these problems magically solved by the demolition of entire "slum" neighborhoods. But enough.

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The video is a catalogue of urban failure, delivered in a naive and optimistic tone that seems almost incredible today I will not even touch the racial angle, which others have talked about. The damage done by the planners alone will take decades to undo. But for now, visit the web page of Wayne State University, which appears in the video.

Their homepage features students not in front of the s-era buildings from the film, but rather a handsome brick and limestone hall from the early 20th century. Appreciation for the architecture and planning of the past, which this country so inexcusably and callously discarded in the s and s, has at last returned and is helping to reinvigorate inner-city neighborhoods through private renovation and reinvestment of historic structures, rather than demolition and destruction. Meanwhile, videos like this should be required viewing for all urban planning students -- as a lesson in the dangers of hubris, and the importance of humility.

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Reviewer: smythology - favorite favorite favorite favorite - June 10, Subject: The beginning of the end. This film only interested me for comparative reasons. But it also gives me a sense of nostalgic pathos - as do most of the other historical documentaries on what American cities used to be like. And Frequency, the fact that disgusting white elites decided to level certain neighborhoods barely gives reason to the dystopian state that Detroit has turned itself into. Thank you Detroit, I love spending time in my city.

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Thank you for your support. Welcome to Detroit. Always Detroit. Humans of Detroit is with Dean Dimitrieski. Decision What's driving voters to the polls.

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Local 4's Paula Tutman takes a look at voter turnout and what is driving people to the polls on election day. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! A year of love and peace!