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Show less A monster is a hideous creature that is usually found in legends, stories, films and other types of entertainment.

How To Draw A Monster!

This tutorial will show you how to draw some different types of monsters and has some steps you can adapt to draw your own totally unique monster. To draw an eye monster, first sketch a circle with a triangle on each side for wings. Then, draw and connect 2 curved lines in the center of the circle to make an almond shape for the eye. When the eye is done, give the monster a mouth, and draw zigzag lines for sharp teeth.

Finally, add detail to the wings by making the tops of the triangles sharp points and the bottoms into curved lines. To learn how to draw a big foot monster or a sea monster, read on! This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Categories: Drawing Monsters. Learn more Method 1.

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Draw a square with curved edges, then add a crossed line inside the square. Draw another square, make the top part wider than the bottom and replace the edges with curves lines instead of angled. For the arms, add two sausage shapes, one on each arm. For the legs, use curved strokes and add a C shape for the feet. Add details to the face. Draw two small circles for the eyes. Draw a smaller circle inside the big ones and shade a part of the small circle with black. The shaded part would look like a crescent moon. Add the nose.

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Use two small circles for the nostrils and add a curved line on each side. Draw the mouth using a horizontal line with a triangle on each side for the fangs. Add the ears on each side of the head using C shapes. Draw the details of the arms and hands. Use small strokes that shape into angles as you draw the arms to make them look furry. When drawing the fingers, you can use small sausage shapes and a small circular shape on each tip for the fingernails. Add a few horizontal and slanted strokes on the chest of the monster.

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Use the same strokes used in the hands when drawing the legs, to make them also look furry. For the toes, use shorter U shaped curves and then add the toenails using small circular shapes. Method 2.

Draw a circle. Attach triangle shapes on each side of the circle. Draw a curved line at the center of the circle and add another curved line below it to make an almond like shape. Draw the pupil.

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Add a small circle inside surrounded with two layers of broken line circles. Sketch a small shape at the upper right corner of the eyes where light usually is reflected. Sketch out curved strokes on the upper and lower border of the eye for the eyelids. Draw the mouth. Add a zigzag line across the mouth to make it look like a sharp set of teeth. Add details to the wings, make the top sharp and for the bottom part, sketch two curved lines. Free delivery worldwide.

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Description Frighten your friends, scare your sister and bother your brother with your brilliant drawings of monsters, using the wonderful tips included in this book. Product details For ages Format Paperback 32 pages Dimensions x x 5. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Easy-to-draw Mythical Creatures Mattia Cerato.

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